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The Secret

Welcome to Zywa !

We are very happy you made it here, and hopefully you all ready had the chance to experience our unique and tasty life cuisine.

The concept of Zywa is very simple. 
It's a bio-active and healing food from nature.
Every food which can be found on the earth has energy in it (life-force). Some have very high energy and other low. Our focus here is to serve the food in it's highest, purest and most nutritious way.

That is why 'sprouting' of seeds and nuts is at the center of our cuisine and people usually always feel good after eating here. It's truly the essence of life itself.
The more foods you eat like that, the more healthier, energetic and stronger you are.

Fermentation, Marinating, Steaming, Low Temperature, Sous-Vide, Intense Fresh Herbs, Mostly Organic, Healing, Detox, are just but a few characteristics of Zywa Kuchnia.

Come , Enjoy, Nurture and Heal your body 
in a culinary way ! It's possible. 


The human body is an amazing machine, and if you give it the right fuel, of best quality, then you can only feel good and be healthy !

That is why we don't serve dairy and most of the dishes dont conatin gluten. If we serve it, it's only on request of our costumers.

With very little to no transformation, we keep our food preparation as simple as possible by not cutting or destroying it with high temperatures. It's almost coming straight from the garden, or farm and mostly organic.

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