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head chef & co-owner of Żywa Kuchnia


Marcin brings his passion for great food and over fifteen years of experience, having previously worked alongside London’s top chefs like Ollie Couillaud and Jason Atherton, he established his own fine dining style.

From Buckingham Palace’s kitchen, London’s prestigious French brasserie, American steakhouse, through healthy fine dining in exclusive private member’s club in Grace Belgravia and chic Farm Girl restaurant, Marcin is well known for his exquisite taste.

He served his food to A-list clients such as Pippa Middleton, Princess Eugenie and supermodels like Cara Delavigne and Irena Shayk. His dishes had been featured in Daily Mail, Vanity Fair, People Magazine and LuxuryLifestyle Magazine all around Great Britain.

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In his cooking Marcin combines nutritious ingredients and extraordinary flavours, using sustainably sourced, organic produce. He adheres to the principle of less is more and creates alkalising and balanced dishes to supplement a healthy lifestyle.


"Your body and soul need a proper fuel. In Żywa Kuchnia I find the same restaurant DNA. I strongly believe  in healthy properties of raw and less processed plant-based food."




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